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I Love You Postcards

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I Love You Postcards
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Imagine getting home after a long day of work, school or shuttling the kids around. You're bogged down with bags and you can't wait to relax. You grab the mail on your way in, shuffling through it to see what bills are due next week. Within the junk and the bills, you notice ... a postcard addressed to you. Hmm. Are any of your friends traveling?

You put down the rest of the mail. This is a really cute postcard. It shows a photo of a woman's hand, and one of her fingers has the word "me" curved around it. The text of the postcard says, "You've got me wrapped around your finger."

You turn the postcard over to find a sweet note from your lover. How unexpected and romantic.

The Little Box of I Love You contains 40 romantic and clever postcards to send out on birthdays, Valentine's Day or just because. Your partner will feel cherished and special when they receive any one of these well-made cards.

A great romantic gift that's really 40 gifts in one.

40 postcards.