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LOVE Massage Candle Set

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LOVE Massage Candle Set
Item# RG604007

Shipping Weight :(46) oz.

List price: $104.99
Romantic Gifts: $84.99

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The LOVE Massage Candle Set is a premium romantic gift that we're very excited about here at The LOVE Candle Set includes 4 scented candles, all of which can be used for massage.

How does that work, you ask? Simply burn a candle and let its heavenly scent fill the room (believe us, it's hard to pick a favorite scent from these candles; they all smell amazing). Once the candle burns down a little, pour the heated "wax" onto your lovers skin. This wax will be warm and soothing, not hot. Use the oil you've poured off the candle to massage your lover's body. These massage oil candles have a great texture that soaks into the skin and leaves you soft and luminous.

The LOVE Massage Oil Candles come in 4 incredible scents: green tea, honey, monoi and musk. Both women and men will enjoy the soft, heavenly scents.

4 candles. 80g (2.8 oz.) each.