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The Love Swing Sex Swing

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Love Swing - Sex Swing
Item# S2280

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The Love Swing is a sex swing that will revolutionize your lovemaking. Remember the first time you had sex with your partner? Trying something new replicates that first time, with the thrill and anticipation of entering uncharted territory together. Experience the thrill of trying something new with your lover, and gain intimacy by sharing a totally different way of making love.

The Love Swing is a sex swing that hangs from your doorframe. The swing can support up to 200 pounds when you use the included spring (which aids in up and down motions), or up to 400 pounds without the spring. The swing comes fully assembled and includes adjustable straps. With a comfortably padded back support, seat and two stirrups, the Love Swing allows couples to get into positions they've only dreamed about. Imagine weightless sex. Sex standing up. Sex tailored to differences in height. If you're not athletic or have physical restrictions, the Love Swing is a perfect tool to allow you to get into new, sexy positions that feel amazing.

The Love Swing comes with a manual of positions, so it's easy to get started. Simply install the sex swing (which won't take more than five minutes, we swear!), climb in and start having amazing sex.